Free Rephrase Tool

Why Do You Need a Rephrase Tool?

online paraphrase machineRephrasing or paraphrasing as it is better known is what we do when we repeat what someone else has said in our own words. It is not like summarizing that only repeats the main facts and shortens the length significantly; paraphrasing will repeat all of the points raised and usually results in writing that is going to be very similar in length to the source. This is done a lot in academic writing to target different audiences and to allow you to use ideas without resorting to direct quotations or having problems with plagiarism. It is also used extensively in other areas such as online writing to avoid issues with plagiarism.

But paraphrasing is far harder than it sounds and it is also very time consuming. Most people will not avoid plagiarism as they keep reusing the original text within their rewording or they do not maintain the original meaning of the text. This is why you may want to use our rephrase generator to rewrite your text.

Easy to Use Paraphrasing Tool

paraphrasing toolOur online paraphrase machine is free to use and can provide you with accurate paraphrasing very quickly. Using it could not be any simpler; all you need to do is copy your source text and paste into the box provided on the tool. Then simply answer the security question asked to prove that you are a real person and the tool will then get to work. The software works in a very simple fashion; it will take many of the words within your text and swap them for synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean the same so you will end up with rewritten text without having changed the meaning. This software works very quickly indeed and you will be able to receive your paraphrased writing within just a few seconds.

Best Results from Our Rephrasing Website

rephrase generatorRephrasing through software is not completely reliable so it is important that before you actually use your rewritten text that you check it very carefully for accuracy and the words that are used. The English language is very complex and this can cause issues for even the very best paraphrasing tool as they simply cannot read. One of the most obvious issues with the software is that will select words out of context; many of our words have multiple meanings so simple words such as “mean” could have alternatives selected which are incorrect. After all is it the person’s mood, what they meant to say, or even the mathematical average?

This is why if you have important paraphrasing to do such as for part of your paper or as an article for your website then you need it done by a person that knows what they are doing. We offer superior paraphrasing through some of the best qualified and most experienced rewriters you will find online.

Our Rephrasing Website Offers Accurate Results

If you need paraphrasing that will be accurate and perfectly written in a manner that is going to impress and engage your audience then you need our services. We offer some of the best rephrasing you will find online through both our paraphrasing tools and also through our experts. Through us you get:

  • Rewriters that hold postgraduate degrees in the fields of the work that they conduct
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So if you are looking for best paraphrasing online just try our rephrase tool or contact our experts here today for reliable and accurate help with all of your rewriting needs!